Some Quiet Reflection

It was a quiet day here in Tacoma. I managed to read another hundred pages of Pirsig’s Lila, but I had to run some errands before the weekend. I figured as long as I had to go the veterinarian I would go to Waughop Lake and see if there were any birds there.

It’s the fewest I’ve seen there in all my visits. Nary a song bird in sight, though I heard a few. Surprisingly, even the ducks were scarce. I took a total of six shots, and ended up saving only this one:

Female Wood Duck

Since they’re predicting rain throughout the weekend, it’s doubtful I will get any more photographs this weekend, but perhaps I’ll have more time to read.

4 thoughts on “Some Quiet Reflection”

  1. I like this wood duck’s portrait. A few days ago, there was a distinct sensation of fall in the air here. It always startles me to notice that shift in August. The angle of the sunlight is suddenly different. There is a change in the way the wind blows.

    I haven’t had as long to think about Pirsig’s Lila as I have had to think about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, having read Lila for the first time a few months ago. Lila did inspire me to consider the connections between Pirsig and William James. The copy of Lila which I read came from the public library, so I wasn’t able to write in the margins, although I know I would have if it had been my own book. Now I wish I had taken notes.

  2. Rain, hell, they predicting Hurricanes, but I guess you’re too far away to think about that! The sonsofbitches have snuck up on me, and I hope they go fuck up anybody else but me! Rita still feels too recent to me…

  3. We got our earthquakes and volcanoes, Ron, we don’t need none of your hurricanes here.

    Afraid everyone’s got their own cross to bear.

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