Some Quiet Reflection

It was a quiet day here in Tacoma. I managed to read another hundred pages of Pirsig’s Lila, but I had to run some errands before the weekend. I figured as long as I had to go the veterinarian I would go to Waughop Lake and see if there were any birds there.

It’s the fewest I’ve seen there in all my visits. Nary a song bird in sight, though I heard a few. Surprisingly, even the ducks were scarce. I took a total of six shots, and ended up saving only this one:

Female Wood Duck

Since they’re predicting rain throughout the weekend, it’s doubtful I will get any more photographs this weekend, but perhaps I’ll have more time to read.

4 replies on “Some Quiet Reflection”

I like this wood duck’s portrait. A few days ago, there was a distinct sensation of fall in the air here. It always startles me to notice that shift in August. The angle of the sunlight is suddenly different. There is a change in the way the wind blows.

I haven’t had as long to think about Pirsig’s Lila as I have had to think about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, having read Lila for the first time a few months ago. Lila did inspire me to consider the connections between Pirsig and William James. The copy of Lila which I read came from the public library, so I wasn’t able to write in the margins, although I know I would have if it had been my own book. Now I wish I had taken notes.

Rain, hell, they predicting Hurricanes, but I guess you’re too far away to think about that! The sonsofbitches have snuck up on me, and I hope they go fuck up anybody else but me! Rita still feels too recent to me…