Dahliaing Around

I probably should have spent more of the day sorting out quotes on Quality in ZAMM after I finished my Pilates class, Tai Chi class, and half-hour walk with Skye, but I decided to spend some Quality time at The Point Defiance Rose/Dahlia garden instead after my nap.

After all who wants to spend their time reading about quality when it’s a perfect 80 degrees outside. I think I made the right choice, as the Dahlias seemed to be in prime condition, with nearly every plant in blossom.

My favorite was this bicolor dahlia named Pooh, and this was the best looking of them all as it had just opened.

Dahlia Pooh

I keep telling myself I don’t like the really flashy dahlias as much as the bicolored ones, but I keep finding myself taking pictures of purple and white ones like this:

Purple and White Dahlia

and even pom-poms, like this gold one, which somehow appeals to my internal mathematician:

Gold Pom-Pom Dahlia