Great Ball of Fire

I reviewed the chapter on the Sand Creek Massacre in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, looked outside at the brilliant sunshine, and decided today was a much better day to go to the Rose Garden than to sit staring at a computer screen trying to express my indignation at a massacre that I first got exposed to in the movie Soldier Blue right after I’d returned from Vietnam.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for my sanity, I’ve always found it easier to see the beauty in nature than to stay focused on the insanity that is modern life. In fact, one of my most vivid memories from Vietnam was the realization right after a battle just how beautiful the area was where we were stationed, a memory that returned to me every time I read Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage.

There were very few people at Pt Defiance Rose Garden today, and even fewer seemed to notice that the first dahlias had started to bloom. I’ve noted in the past that I’m actually fonder of the dahlias than I am of the roses, and today was no exception.

In fact, after I noted this old-fashioned dahlia with it’s brilliant red rays spreading from the sun-like-center


and this equally beautiful ball of fire


I thought the roses might seem shabby in comparison.

I was wrong,

Red Rose

as the brilliant roses seemed more than able to hold their own.