God Bless the Child Who’s Got His Own

We decided to stay home and work in the garden this weekend since the yard work has been rather neglected lately, and I tend to get more done when Leslie’s here to supervise me. Not to mention, she often ends up doing more than I do.

On weekends like this, it’s nice to have the kind of garden that attracts birds and butterflies. I’m especially happy that the local hummingbird seems to have staked out the Crocosmia in the front garden as his own.

I took out time from watching the Mariners beat Oakland, to get this picture of the hummingbird sitting on a limb, apparently guarding his property:

Sitting Hummingbird

Of course, I took a lot more shots than that, but I’ll spare your bandwidth and limit myself to just one more shot, this one of the hummingbird returning just as the sun was setting:

Backlit Hummingbird

Even though it’s not as sharp as most of the other shots, I love the backlit wings, the startling contrasts.