Tote That Load

Despite some beautiful and long-anticipated sunshine, it was a rather unexciting birding trip to Belfair yesterday.

In fact the highlight of the day was getting a picture of this cowbird, which, coincidentally, Mike had emailed me about this weekend. When I suggested that although it was a striking bird I was less than enthusiastic about its habit of laying it’s egg in the nests of other birds and letting them raise the offspring, Mike shot back an email debunking the myth that such parasitism played a significant role in the North American decline of songbirds.

Strangely, this one seemed determined to ensure that I saw it’s true beauty

though I was more fascinated with how protective these Canadian Geese are, even driving off another pair of Geese who dared to enter their space. It’s no wonder they’ve multiplied so rapidly since I doubt that they lose many goslings.

Thanks to Shelley’s recent promotion of Think Tank’s Rotation 360° camera pack my walk took nearly twice as long as normal because I was carrying a pack full of camera equipment.

No, the extra weight didn’t slow me down THAT much.

Since I was carrying a close-up lens in addition to my 400mm telephoto, I stopped repeatedly to take flower pictures. Normally, I just note the new growth and move on, but yesterday I stopped, pulled out my close-up lens and recorded what I saw:

And, of course, I would be remiss if I hadn’t noted the outburst of wild roses,

though I think my favorite picture of the day is this Columbine:

4 thoughts on “Tote That Load”

  1. Yeah, I like the last one, too. Be careful, the more you change your lens, the more chance your camera’s sensor will get dirty.

    I should send you my Nikon equipment. It would be nice if someone could get something useful out of it, and now you have a pack that can carry so much more.

  2. The last one is breathtaking!

    On the way home from lunch on Sunday, we saw a pair of Canada geese and 6 babies about to cross the road. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.

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