Too Cold for My Taste

The Mariners should feel right at home after returning from having five of their six baseball games in the East snowed out. We were going to Ocean Shores today to observe the annual bird migration, but, noting the black skies, we decided to visit Nisqually instead. We did manage to get in a truncated walk with only a few raindrops, but it was surprisingly cold and so dark that none of the pictures I shot seemed usable.

I guess we’ll both have to be satisfied with more of the pictures I took Tuesday between showers.

At least the flowers seem to be thriving on our cool temperatures. The tulips are looking as good as they have for years, and the deer haven’t yet returned to our front garden for their annual flower feast.

2 thoughts on “Too Cold for My Taste”

  1. Beautiful! though a litle wilted, maybe. We saw a deer on our way back into our neighborhood after dinner out.

  2. I had a hard time deciding which shot of this wallflower to put up, and kenju’s comment changed my decision on which shot to include. No wilted flowers for this site!

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