It Could Be!

Spring that is!

I headed out to Belfair today when it appeared that the morning sunshine would extend throughout the day.

The gardens at Theyler Wetlands greeted us with the surest sign of spring. Daffodils busting out everywhere.

And we didn’t have to walk too far down the path before we encountered this male Red-Wing Blackbird willing to defend his territory from all comers.

And just before it started to rain and hail, we were greeted by a flock of Northern Pintails all dressed up in their Spring best:

5 thoughts on “It Could Be!”

  1. I have a cane field just a few feet from the south side of my house. Every spring, it is full to bursting with redwing blackbirds, singing their hearts out. Loud and glorious.

  2. Thanks for these windows into spring, especially the red-winged blackbird. It’s been a long winter. I can hear George Harrison singing, “Here comes the sun …”

  3. Your photos are wonderful. Loren, what kind of camera do you use? I am looking to upgrade; my Fuji 2 MP isn’t quite cutting it anymore!

  4. I usually use a Canon D20 with a 400mm telephoto lens, Theresa, though the new Canon Digital Rebel is very close to being the same camera.

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