Tacoma’s Botanical Conservatory

Things have been rather hectic around here lately and I haven’t had much of an online presence because something went wrong with my computer and Photoshop wouldn’t open. I did some maintenance and ran Disk Utility and Drive Genius and both said the hard drive and system were fine.

Photoshop didn’t think so and still refused to startup. I reinstalled Photoshop and took Photoshop PS3, a beta, off the computer and still no Photoshop.

So I installed a system on my backup drive, updated it, and after several upgrades later, Photshop finally ran. But of course nothing else did because it was a clean system.

I proceeded to reinstall a clean system on my main drive and reinstall Photoshop CS3 again. I thought I had my problems solved and I could get on with normal activities. I was wrong, of course. Aperture had to be reinstalled and an upgrade applied before it would run.

Two days of work later, I have a fully functional computer that even seems a little snappier than before because a considerable number of programs were taken off the computer to free up disk space. Though I’m sure there are still other programs I will need to reinstall in the next few weeks.

Despite the computer problems, it’s been a beautiful few days here. On Friday I returned to the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory since it semed a better place to enjoy a warm sunny day than among the leafless trees.

I thought this shot did the best job of capturing the essence of sunshine:

But this was a close runner-up:

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  1. That first picture makes me feel warm – which is quite an achievement given the ambient temperature here! Fabulous.

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