A Fall Day in the Neighborhood

I hate it when there’s a football game on television that I really want to see, like the Husky-Bears game, and the sun suddenly decides to break out from behind the clouds for the first time in a week.

Since I wasn’t willing to miss the game, I ended up going for a short walk in the neighborhood rather than driving to the Olympics or to the wildlife refuge for a long walk.

I’ve long admired the beautiful symmetry of these trees as I drove by, but I forgot how selective the eyes really are, and how unforgiving the camera is. I never see the houses behind the trees, but the camera certainly does, doesn’t it? It’s nearly impossible to get the trees in focus while blurring the background, even with Photoshop.

So, I ended up trying to shoot the trees from an entirely different angle, which created a better image, but didn’t match my original feelings.

It’s times like this that I’m reminded just how arbitrary and artificial photographs are, no matter how realistic they appear to be.

Perhaps that’s a good thing.