Good Time for a Trip

Judging from my final trip to Nisqually before my week-long trip to Colorado, I’m leaving at the perfect time. Though I did see a few Great Blue Herons today, I didn’t see many other birds. It appeared that they all had something better to do with their time:

In fact, the highlight of my day was discovering a huge wasp/hornet nest beside the trail, though it seemed more important to get by quickly than to get a real good shot of it:

Of course, as I’ve discovered several times before, you often discover the unexpected when you don’t see the expected:

This moth/butterfly, blended in with the falling leaves so well that I had a very hard time actually focusing the camera,

4 thoughts on “Good Time for a Trip”

  1. Loren – I was told once that the fastest wy to tell the difference between a month and a butterfly are the antennae. If they are furry they’re moths if they aren’t they’re butterflies. Based on that this one is butterfly 🙂

  2. I believe that’s a moth. When I first glanced down, I was tricked by its camouflage and thought I saw a fish head someone had flong among the forest litter! It does like it might have beeen difficult to focus, but you got it pretty much. Pretty nice. Or just pretty, in a nature-drunk kind of way!

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