Love The One You’re With

Mike took me to Hylebos Wetlands yesterday, and I was looking forward to getting some great pictures. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many birds, and most of the plants were so close to the boardwalk that I really couldn’t manage to get a good picture with my 400mm telephoto, the only lens I brought.

Afterwards, though, he took me to see the Weyerhaeuser campus, which is quite beautiful, even though I only got to visit a small part of it. They had a huge pond with tall iris lining it:

It was, in turn, surrounded by natural grasslands, where wildflowers bloomed profusely:

and a Red-tailed Hawk circled overhead,

which, strangely enough, reminded me of Stephen Still’s “If You Can’t Be With the One You Love, Love the One You’re With.

3 thoughts on “Love The One You’re With”

  1. Well, they’re not frog pictures but considering your work I’d hope that some of my pictures would appeal to you, kenju 🙂

  2. Hey that hawk turned out great–loved the light shining through feather tips. And the yellow iris–vivid–though someone said in prior note that’s an “invasive species” I think. Oh, well, so are we.

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