Rising to the Occasion

It’s been a tough few weeks here, weatherwise, and the roses in the Point Defiance Rose Garden are a bit under the weather, as you can tell by looking closely at the edges of the petals on many of the roses.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect rose this year, one without a blemish or mold, but luckily the roses are so beautiful that most of the visitors didn’t seem to mind a few blemishes.

If you live near Tacoma, now’s the time to come see the roses because they are at their peak. While newly emerging roses may escape the damage caused by recent rain, many roses will be finished blooming if you wait much longer.

3 thoughts on “Rising to the Occasion”

  1. I heard yesterday that my sister is moving back to Kitsap County next week, up north in Poulsbo. We last lived on the peninsula thirty-five years ago. When we left we’d been there five years and that’s two years longer than we’d lived anyplace else at that point. Think there might have been a few changes since then?

  2. I suspect the population growth there has been even greater than in other Puget Sound areas, though it’s still generally a rural feeling. Still, it’s hard to recognize places on the Peninsula I visited when I lived in Aberdeen forty years ago.

    Port Townsend is a yuppy, but beautiful community.

  3. She’ll be running a Montessori school now that she’s finally got her doctorate. Ethnomusicology. Wrote her dissertation on tabla. Performed for a number of years with an improvisational jazz group in L.A. modeled after Sun-Ra. They play an annual concert to start up the CalArts concert series, the score to ‘Der Abenteur des Prince Achmed’, the first feature length animated motion picture ever made, owned by the Disney family. It’s the work that inspired Fantasia. The original score was all Mozart. Theirs has some notable variation on Mozart themes. Might appeal to some of those Yuppies.

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