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  1. You give new life to what my grandmother always called “the flower of death.” Of course, for the unsuspecting fish, well, maybe.

    Great image.

  2. Probably a good thing I didn’t know that, Kevin, or I wouldn’t have composed this picture.

    Somehow the flower reminds me of a nun’s habit, almost virginal, certainly not death, though I suppose it must have been used at funerals alot.

  3. I did it in Photoshop by applying different layers, SB.

    I began with shot of a lily, used posterize to emphasize the lines, did one layer of patterns with the belted kingfisher, another layer with an abstract pattern, set the mode to overlay and then played around with opacity until I got a blend that I liked.

  4. Thanks, Loren — I have Elements, not the full program — but I think I can do all, or most, of that. I just have to learn how. Never saw the need, before now!

  5. LOREN: Print that in 8 x 10 or larger and you could
    easily sell it or similar at the gallery at Freighthouse (or even online). Very inventive approach to capturing two worlds.

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