6 thoughts on “Summertime”

  1. After

    “How fared you when you mortal were?
    What did you see on my peopled star?”
    “Oh, well enough,” I answered her,
    “It went for me where mortals are.”

    “I saw blue flowers and the merlin’s flight
    And the rime on the wintry tree.
    Blue doves I saw and summer light
    On the wings of the cinnamon bee.”

    Ralph Hodgson

  2. Ahh, yet another poet I don’t know.

    I love that last stanza, particularly “summer light/On the wings of the cinanamon bee.”

  3. response from my blog: I’m a slow study. In short, can barely take simple photos of my sister’s grandkids! Birds haven’t held still for me yet! Camera has a zoom, but so far I can’t even find a button for it. Might need it for birds, but I don’t need it right now. The small print on camera does not help someone whose eyes are still messed up a little!

  4. “Summer has officially arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, with today’s temperature in the 70’s”

    In Mississippi, we call that “March”. We’re getting August early, temperatures in the 90s (which is normal for June) and very dry conditions (which is not!). I’m concerned about my gardens if a watering ban goes into effect.

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