Although I’ll have to admit that I was originally drawn to the showiness of this Camas Plant flower:

At the end of shoot I had fallen in love with this much simpler shot of the Camas Flower about to blossom:

Which led me to this
fascinating article
about the importance of the Camas plant to the Columbia River Indians, which, in turn, makes the picture even more exquisite.

2 thoughts on “Camas”

  1. How you get Nature to hold still for you like that and not scamper away, I’ll never know! Know what I mean? I don’t know. Nice, though!

  2. Hey, I just use all those tricks the army taught me on my rifle range to hold that 400mm lens as steady as possible.

    One of these days, I’ll get lucky and remember to have the right lens when I need it.

    Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s a rule of life that you always need the lens that’s sitting home on the shelf. Or maybe that’s just the way we tend to remember life.

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