8 thoughts on “Avoiding Work”

  1. The tree swallow photo has such a striking blue, still what lingers for me is the swallow in the background, something about its shadow-like presence works wonders.

  2. Kevin’s right about that shadow…But I didn’t know it was a swallow. I thought it was a lurking orca,
    as in the cartoon strip, waiting for the bird to drop its guard. For more about ominous nature, think of Ted Hughes Hawk Roosting, and Roethke’s Meadow Mouse.

  3. Yes, Kevin, I’ve noticed that mates can have that effect.

    It’s like knowing that your wife is coming home soon and asking, “What did you do today, noticing that the deck isn’t finished and you’ve been playing on the computer again.

    “Doing art,” you try to explain.

  4. Loren, I said works wonders but love the way you’ve turned into wonders about work. Ha.

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