4 thoughts on “Save the Internet as We Know It”

  1. Thanks for that Loren. I signed and also posted the same link on one of the discussion forums I participate in.

  2. What is “free internet”? Are we talking about congressional efforts to control content on the internet?

  3. In a nutshell, AT&T and other large providers want to make sure that those who pay a fee to them will have priority on their lines, much the same way that Yahoo wanted to charge a fee to emailers who sent mail to their customers.

    In essence, the system would set up a two-tier system, paying customers and the rest of us.

    It’s still not entirely clear to me how the system would work, but it’s obviously intended to make more money for the largest cable providers.

  4. Sounds complicated. I already pay (too much) for internet usage and understood everybody else was paying too. A petition asking us to protect the first amendment would seem to be one aimed at assuring the right to publish on the internet without censorship, but that apparently isn’t what we’re talking about.

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