Bush’s Brave New Wilderness

Moving one step closer to A Corporate Brave New World, the Bush administration is proposing that “corporate donors have more recognition for their financial contributions to national parks – in the form of naming rights, signage, and plaques bearing their logos according to an article entitled “America’s national parks: no longer ad-free zones?“

Imagine, before long you’ll be able to tour Yellowstone National Park and watch Old Faithful, brought to you by Viagra, or visit Coors’ Rocky Mountain National Park and get a Rocky Mountain High.

Of course, nothing quite that dramatic has been proposed yet, but according to a spokesman the park service is considering “nameplates for rooms inside visitors’ centers,? despite the fact that 74 percent of Americans “oppose corporate advertising on park brochures and vehicles, a Zogby International poll reported last fall.?

If you believe that advertising will end there, you probably don’t believe that schools are now making money by pushing Pepsi or Coca Cola to obese students , right?

I was upset when I learned that stadiums built largely with public funds were named after Banks or Insurance companies for a few shekels. Will there soon be no where left to escape the constant chatter of businesses determined to push us to consume more and more?

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  1. your excellent viagra joke notwithstanding this sounds absolutely shameful. as a fellow countryman of john muir i deplore the myopic idiocy of corporate america. only the dollar is sacred it seems. well, as ye sow …

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