Go, Gavin!

Saturday was Gavin’s last soccer game, and, considering the weather we’ve had lately, mercifully so. I’ve missed the last few games because of a cold and an unwillingness to stand in the cold and rain. Luckily, yesterday was just cold, not wet, so the whole family showed up for the game

though as usual grandpa and dad are not to be seen because they’re behind the camera.

Of course, there were moments in the game when you just plain didn’t want to see what had happened

But, overall, both teams played well, despite the fact that some players on the other team refused to go out in the cold again. If I’d been wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I probably would’ve gone home, too.

Still, Gavin scored a goal and had some nice drives up the field:

3 thoughts on “Go, Gavin!”

  1. There is something detectable or observable about people when they “get it”. You seemed to have captured that something in your last picture.

  2. Go Gavin! We’ve suffered through our last soccer game of the season as well, but with us, it’s the parents that are glad for the end of the season. The girls (a little older than Gavin’s age) seem to relish the cold, the snow(!) and the mud… go figure!

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