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  1. Thank you for your beautiful photos of old growth. They reminded me of an interview I have been reading between Julia Butterfly Hill (who climbed into a grand old redwood in order to save it, creating news that inspired millions) and Ajahn Pasanno (a a Buddhist monk who ordained trees in Thailand as a way of saving them). They both agreed that love for the forest, not anger at corporations and governments, was the only effective way to save old growth. That is, even though anger might be present, love for the planet, forest, etc. must be the overriding concern if there be any possible hope.

  2. I agree, Bob.

    It’s this love for the Old Growth Forest at Point Defiance Park that I’m trying to share and encourage others to experience in the hope that my sharing will in some small way help to preserve the few old growth forests we have left.

    Strangely, it’s my very feeling that I can’t adequately share this experience either through my pictures or words that inspired me to try this approach for a few days.

    I’ve shared a lot of pictures of flowers, birds, and zoo shots from Pt. Defiance Park but my favorite thing to do is simply to walk through the forest trails, and I’ve never found a way to adequately share that love with readers of this blog.

  3. This series is breathtaking. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your love and mutual appreciation of old growth with us. (I think the depth of many personal emotions and experiences can never be fully transmitted to others, but you definitely reached us in a splendid way! I’m a staunch conservationist. Where is Pt. Defiance Park located?

  4. Pt Defiance Park is located on the northeast tip of Tacoma, Washington, a rather ironic place for an old-growth forest since Tacoma is also the hometown of Weyerhauser.

    It was probably saved from logging because it was partially destroyed in a fire, but, then, most old-growth forests have had to endure such fires.

  5. i think they should leave gods creatures alone its as if u were talking ur own children and cutting them up

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