Pt. Defiance Park

Old Growth Forest

and moss and ferns
climb toward light
until ground
and sky become one.

5 replies on “Old Growth Forest”

I take most of my pictures with a Canon Digital Rebel, last year’s model, alan.

I also play with them in Photoshop alot. I’m always amazed how superior the human eye is to the instruments we make to emulate what it sees.

I almost bought one of the latest versions of that camera a couple of weeks ago, but changed my mind at the last minute in favour of a Pentax *ist DS, which will take my old lenses. They’re such good quality I couldn’t bear to abandon them. Now I just need to find the extra cash!

I think the ability to fine tune photographs at home with an image editor is probably the biggest attraction of digital photography.

I adore old trees. That camera was a very recent gift. I’m still learning how to use it. I agree with your observation about the human eye vs. instruments. When I paint trees, I’m still using instruments, but oh the delightful challenge!