Loren’s Wild Bird Chase

It wasn’t a good day for birding, despite the fact that I drove twice as far as usual, got lost more than usual, and walked a twice as many miles as usual. All of which probably shows that effort doesn’t count nearly as much as good timing in birding.

I drove up to Seabeck looking for eagles, but didn’t see a single one, only to be told later in the day that there were there in the spring and will be back in the winter, but apparently are on vacation right now.

In fact, the only new bird I saw today was this Common Loon in his plain, drab, non-breeding plumage:

Ironically, I saw him before I actually got to Seabeck, as I was driving across a small inlet.

I did see a Belted Kingfisher in all three places I went to today, but still wasn’t able to get a picture better than this one, taken at Belfair:

No matter, it was a beautiful day, though I wish I’d taken my regular lens rather than my 400 mm telephoto because the best pictures were the scenery:

Through this lens
my whole world
seems bedazzled

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  1. I looked quickly over the last 7 or so posts, mostly at pix. It’s easier to take a quick glance at those than at the prose. It is wearying to read a lot of prose these days, thus blogs seem a bit heavy to keep track of. Loved the photos, though, they’re easier. Take care.

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