Shelley’s comment that she enjoyed seeing Washington plants got me thinking that though I have featured rhodendendrons, Washington’s state flower, I have been neglecting native plants for the sake of showier plants to be found in the Point Defiance Rose Garden, and those in the front garden of the house I recently purchased.

So, I set out to deliberately take pictures of Washington natives, as featured in the Native Garden in Point Defiance.

I was shocked when I was confronted by this 6 foot tall beauty as I entered the garden:

Know as Monkshood, it’s apparentlly a very widespread plant, one that’s infamous for its poisonous abilities.

4 thoughts on “Monkshood”

  1. This one is not one of the showier ones, huh? Wow.

    My second reaction was relief: I thought I was the only one who posted shots of plants over 2000 pixels in length.

  2. Considering all the flower shots out there on the web, you have to do something to break through that “hoh-hum” attitude, or there’s no use posting pictures at all as far as I can see.

    I actually had a longer picture showing a streambed that’s part of the exhibit, but I decided to save the technique for a better steam on one of my longer hikes.

  3. This monkshood is some hot mamma. The blue of my heart!

    p.s. Have been at war with Bloglines, through which I usually get “notified” of new posts and often view the post. I seem to be losing the war with Bloglines; though they be free, they suck (they used to be all right). So I’m trying to retrain myself to check my list every day rather than wait for notifications. So sad, buncha saps had a good thing.

  4. Thanks for the best illustration of this plant. I saw it yesterday in a flower bed which I was the original creator of and I know I did not put it there 5 years ago, so I wondered what the heck it was. All I could think to describe the flower was “hooded.” With the keywords HOODED & PURPLE & FLOWER I was directed to your fabulous photograph and the name of this extremely interesting plant growing in Maine! I’m thinking I would like to have some in my garden so my next step is to check out those poisonous attributes.
    Thanks again for a marvelous photo!!!

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