Anyone Still Afraid the Bush Administration

will Capture Bin Laden Before Tuesday’s Election?

I find it nothing short of bewildering that many are arguing that Bin Laden’s recently released tape will give a boost to Bush’s re-election efforts.

Let’s see, according to this twisted logic the fact that Bin Laden remains free and able to broadcast at will shows that … ?

We need to re-elect Bush to continue his fight against terrorism?

What the Fuck kind of reasoning is that?

According to that kind of reasoning, Bush should probably also appoint Ken Lay Secretary of Energy as he once wanted to do so that he can “solve” America’s energy problems using his own unique methods of screwing Western taxpayers who voted for Gore.

After three years, the Bush administration has been unable to capture or kill the avowed terrorist leader who perpetrated the most devastating attack ever made on American. Does anyone truly believe we have any real plan in place to bring Bin Laden to justice? Except, perhaps, by invading Iran?

Given the chance to rise to greatness as past Presidents have done when faced with a crisis, President Bush has managed to prove himself little more than a posturing buffoon who camouflages his ineffectiveness with a false bravado, as if somehow wearing a flight jacket and challenging those tempted to attack U.S. forces to “bring it own,” would really solve the problem.