Election, What Election?

Caveat Lector
I’m through with politics. I’ve given my $150 to Kerry and the Democratic National Committee, and I’m not giving any more.

More importantly, I just completed my absentee ballot and dropped it off at the local Rite Aid ballot collection point. I tried to avoid voting a straight Demcratic line, but it was tough going finding anyone who wasn’t a Democrat that came close to reflecting my values. If I weren’t so busy carving Santa Clauses for my grandkids, I might considering running for a local office as a member of the Green Party, because when I looked at most of the Green Party candidate statements they seemed to have little or nothing to do with the environment. In fact, I’m not even sure what “Green” means in terms of the party, certainly not what I thought it meant. Now that I’ve voted, though, I really don’t want to think about politics any more.

Although I haven’t turned off my telephone ringer like Dorothea has, I certainly don’t want any more phone calls. And I sure as heck don’t want any more letters requesting political contributions. As a past contributor to Gore and the Democrats, and as an early contributor to Kerry, I was just slammed with donation requests. At times, in fact, I wondered if they weren’t spending more money sending me letters requesting contributions than I had donated to them.

I definitely think they need a check off box saying, “Don’t call or write requesting any more money.” It’s a waste of trees, and equally important, a waste of my time. I was so put off by the whole money-raising thing that it will take at least four years for me to even consider giving money again. Certainly, if they must request additional money, let them solicit it through email rather than snail mail. At least I would be more comfortable knowing that they hadn’t wasted large amounts of money vainly requesting contributions. And by now I’ve become proficient and deleting spam from my mailbox.

I’m assuming that anyone bright enough to read my site regularly is enlightened enough to VOTE, no matter how they vote, so I’m about ready to wrap this up and focus on more important things, like finishing Frost’s Collected Poems or including photographs of some of my latest carvings. At times lately I’ve actually felt that my whole life was leading up to the moment when I started carving Santa Clauses.

Of course, I can’t promise that I won’t read something that so irritates me that I simply have to make another comment before the election. But I’ll try very hard not to write any more about politics.

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