What’s Really Getting Trampled Here?

I’m not sure whether I was more amused or outraged by a story from BBC yesterday. Yes, yes, I know it’s strange to get your political news from the BBC, but since NPR seems to have taken several steps to the right, I’ve been getting more and more of my news from foreign sources. Just like I’ve watched more of the Olympics on the Canadian Broadcast System than on NBC.

Anyway, you need to take a look at this rather amusing article about why the Republican mayor of NY City decided that protests against the upcoming Republican Convention must be prevented.

Turns out that the Republicans are more concerned that the grass might get trampled than that people’s First Amendment Rights are being trampled.

How ironic that a party that has plundered the environment to benefit corporations should suddenly be so concerned about the quality of the grass in Central Park. Are they afraid that the grass won’t be able to counter the effects of acid rain from coal plants if it gets trampled on by thousands of protestors? Or is it simply that they know so little about the enviroment that they think the grass would be permanently damaged by environmental protestors?

Or, is this just another attempt by the Republicans to obscure their motives, to preserve their “good name” by once again calling a spade just an upside down heart. You’ve got to give them credit, the Conservatives have certainly mastered the fine art of shoveling it deep.