Rocky Mountain High

Posting will at best be sporadic in the next few days as I’m on my way to Colorado tomorrow to babysit Logan Riley for the next week and a half.

Since I won’t see the grandkids here for the next week or two I also spent most of the last two days visiting Kel and Gavin and their parents.

Here’s a picture I took of Kel at the beach in front of his house last night:

I’ve set up my iBook so that I can communicate with my web site and two of my three email accounts so I won’t have to close comments in order to eliminate the pornographic comments but I’m afraid the nventure account will probably be inaccessible while I’m gone.

I’m taking my digital camera and three books on Chinese literature, so there’s certainly the potential for some serious posting (if Logan is taking naps now), but I’ve proven remarkably unproductive during past vacations, so don’t worry too much about me if you don’t hear anything for the next week and a half.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Actually, I meant the 5 viagra comments that just came in with your comment, Ron.

  2. Now if you just let me convert you over to a Shelleyized version of WordPress, you wouldn’t have this problem.

    I have met the spammers and they are mine! All mine! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ooops. Sorry. The power goes to my head sometimes.

    That’s a cute picture of that little kid, but wasn’t he born not that long ago?

    Have fun in Colorado, and make sure you take lots of pics of those mountain hikes for me to sigh wistfully over as we go through a killer heat wave here.

  3. No, Shelley, that was his brother that was born not too long ago, though he was only born 2 1/2 years ago and the one I’m babysitting in Colorado is only 1 1/2 and his new sibling will be born sometime next winter.

    If I have trouble keeping up with all their birthdays I’m sure everyone else does, too,

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