Come Back Mark Wood, Wherever You Are

I’m probably going to miss Mark Wood more than most bloggers. It is he, after all, who actually inspired me to start blogging. His constant flow of outstanding discoveries on the web convinced me that the web was worth the effort that it takes to write daily.

Mark Wood, Euan Semple, Steve Laidlaw of Riley Dog, S.J. Green of Nutlog, errr, Plep, and Whiskey River were the first people to link to my site. Without their inspiration I would never have continued to put the effort into this site that I do.

I’ll have to save my best writing until Mark comes back for I’ve only considered it my best writing when Mark linked to it.

It’s been exactly a year ago today that I started this blog, and it continues to evolve. Maybe that’s why I’m stiil enthusiastic about it, as I have a tendency to get bored once I have "mastered something." I’m in the midst of starting a new blog at a new ISP employing Moveable Type, thanks to the urging of Jonathon and the help of Jeff Ward.

I ran into some problems with setting permissions at my new ISP. In mid-stream I discovered that Adobe GoLive actually sets permissions whenever you transmit a file. It just does it without letting you know. I actually discovered this accidentally. To make a long story short, Benjamin Trott of Moveable Type has done a superb job of holding my hand until I could solve the problems with my site. I can’t believe how much he had to put up with to install my program for a mere $20. I now have a site up and running and can start experimenting with the design of the program.

Right now I’m simply trying to figure out how to change columns so that main entries show up on the right, as they do here. I’m not sure why, but this just seems to me the way it should look. Right now I’ve set the end of the month as the date that I will have to complete the move to my site.

If I don’t set a date, I’ll just let it slide. For awhile at least, I’ll be posting at both sites. I imagine it will take awhile to move all my old files for the last year to the new site.

Still, I’m excited about the new program and looking forward to having comments and the ability to do RSS feeds.

2 thoughts on “Come Back Mark Wood, Wherever You Are”

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  2. This is really not the Mark Woods I was addressing here. Instead it was Mark Woods of Wood’s Lot.

    Generally, I would consider this spam and immediately delete it, but this Mark Woods also seems interesting enough that I will leave this here, even though I really haven’t read enough of what he’s written to draw my own judgement on what he’s attempting to promote here.

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