A Little Left of Who?

I guess if Jonathon was brave enough to take the religious belief test and reveal that he is an INFJ, then I’m not afraid to reveal my political leanings.

Here are my results on the Political Compass test. Actually, there aren’t too many surprises here for me. Most of my problems as a teacher came from my Libertarian attitude. After all, why shouldn’t eveyone control himself? That’s not my job. What else would you suspect from someone who counts "Self-Reliance" as one of the greatest essays ever written.

And I guess my rantings against Bush and the Republican Conservatives would suggest that I’m also a little to the left on economic matters, even if that means I’ll have to pay more money to ensure that others less fortunate than me can afford medical care. Do you think you could figure that out when I revealed I was once a caseworker?

This is it, though, Jonathan. I refuse to take any of those on-line tests that make me choose between being a sparrow or a hawk, a rose or a dandelion, an elfen mage or a dwarfian fighter-cleric. I don’t care how many times you double-double dare me.

Some things are just too personal to reveal to a world of unknown people.

Besides, what is there left to read if you reveal all of your personality traits?

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