A Good Blogger is Hard to Find

Like Visible Darkness I’m more interested in knowing the people behind the blogs than I am in discussing the machinery behind these blogs, but I still would like help finding people who I want to be part of a community with and that’s a major reason I go to sites like Keeping Trying.

I’ve been going through my list of blogs that appear in my bookmarks, not the one that appears on my blog, and trying to add new blogs that are informative and delete old blogs that no longer seem quite as interesting or have quit updating regularly.

What I’ve discovered in my efforts, though, is just how difficult and time-consuming it is to find new blogs that are worth spending time on. Time is precious. Time I spend looking for interesting blogs is time that I can’t spend updating my own site. Now I’ve tried going to sites like Soul or aortal, but they’re not really much help in screening sites. In general, I’ve been quite frustrated.

For instance, I still haven’t found any bloggers that consistently comment on environmental issues, though that is certainly one of my passions, and I would like to find people who are knowledgeable in that field who have their own opinions but who aren’t spokesmen for environmental groups.

In the end, I usually just search the links on pages that I admire. I’ve found most of the blogs I like best this way, but I still don’t enjoy having to click through each site and read several entries before deciding whether or not I want to read more. I’m sometimes amazed how wildly different people’s tastes are. But, the point is that this is more time consuming than it needs to be, and I end up missing sites like Jonathan Delacour for months before I finally get a chance to check out his blog.

In other words, I tend to agree with Mike Sanders that if we’re going to build a positive community of webloggers one of the things we all need to do is to provide more links on our own sites.

But I would like to add another suggestion, one that I’ve yet to implement on my own site, of course, but that I will shortly, and that is that we should each set up a link page that offers short descriptions, and perhaps recommendations, to the sites that we link to.

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  1. I was looking for aortal links and stumbled on your site, specifically this entry –

    So I am curious…did your thought about about creating a page with links and descriptions ever come to fruition? I didn’t see it is why I asked and thought it a great idea.

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