Back, Well, Almost Back

This may be a rather inauspicious start, but I am back home and starting to think about my blog again. Not a lot, but a little.

I did want friends and regular readers to know that I made it successfully through my operation but will need to continue to recover through the next month. I actually got out of the hospital early, Wednesday, but spent most of the time at home since just surviving and taking care of myself.

I must admit that I underestimated the extent of this four and a half hour operation. Good thing, too, or I might not have had the nerve to go through it. The doctors kept telling me how good I looked and let me out in less than the original 5-7 day minimum, but I am still avoid looking at myself and at the swelling around my the mirror

At times I felt like I wasn’t going to make it through recovery Friday night and Saturday. I couldn’t push my pain button fast enough. There was apparently a 6 minute delay between doses of morphine being administered to keep the patient from overdosing, but there were times I must have pushed the button twenty times before anything happened.

I don’t remember many details, nor do I want to. However, the one image that kept reoccurring and kept me going during all the hallucinations and pain was a vision of me holding my grandson Gavin with his arm around my neck pointing forward with his other hand and saying, “Patah.” I kept imagining that his arm around my neck cooled the burning in my neck and had super-healing powers and that somehow he knew where we should be going. I followed.

At the moment I can’t eat except through tubes and I can’t talk. So, once I get through the initial symptoms of the surgery, I should have more time than usual to devote to this site.