Too Good of a Day

Today was one of those lucky days in fall when the weather is just too nice to spend the day thinking or worrying, and the extended weather report calls for five days of rain, plenty of time to spend philosophizing.

Not one to waste sunshine, I started the day by taking a long bike ride with Leslie. It was a bright, brisk day, the perfect day for a long ride. Although the trail was crowded because of the sunshine, people’s friendliness and cheerfulness more than made up for any inconvenience.

After spending a few hours rushing around the yard trying to get everything possible done before the rains descend, I watched the Mariners defeat the Cleveland Indians in the fifth game of the division series. The victory seemed all the sweeter after the demoralizing 17-2 loss Saturday.

I finished the perfect day by picking some fresh corn and artichokes from the garden for dinner. This is the first year I’ve ever gotten artichokes from the garden, so they seemed especially good. It’s hard to imagine a better ending to a nearly perfect day.

Those storm clouds appearing in the West can wait until tomorrow; it’s too good a day to worry about what might be and what will be.