Rhodie Heaven

For a short while every year the Pacific Northwest may well be the most beautiful place on earth when our Rhododendrons bloom, and this has been a particularly good year for Rhodies.

We took our out-of-town visitors to the Point Defiance Rhododendron Garden and they seem almost as impressed by it as I have always been. I doubt that any kind has ever had a more royal purple than the purple Rhody at the entrance of the garden.

If that shade of purple doesn’t please you, there were many other shades.

I’ll have to admit, though, that I tend to favor the pink rhodies which come closer to the native rhodies found in the mountains.

The garden also features a bright yellow rhodie, the only one I’ve ever seen.

Pt. Defiance Rhododendron Garden

One of the major factors in deciding to buy our present home was how close it is to Pt. Defiance Park. Skye had to be walked everyday, and I could’t imagine a better place to do that then Pt. Defiance. The Spring after we moved here I discovered the Rhododendron Garden, and I haven’t missed visiting that ever year since. I was late getting there this year, but there were more than enough rhodies in bloom to justify our visit.

Most of the white varieties seemed past their prime, but there were a lot of purple

and red varieties

in full bloom. Many of the later varieties were about to bloom

into their full beauty.

So Much Beauty in an Ugly World

The worst part of Spring is that there are too many beautiful places to be all at once that I inevitably miss a great deal of its beauty. On an earlier walk without a camera, I noticed that the Iris had started to bloom, but I’ve been so busy birding that I wasn’t able to get back with a camera until Wednesday. I soon discovered that some of my favorite Iris are already gone, which isn’t to say that there weren’t still a few dazzling examples to be seen.

Experience has taught me that if the Iris are in decline the roses will be in full bloom. Although there were a few late-bloomers waiting for my heat and sunshine, there were so many roses blooming that it was difficult to decide which to photograph. Since a lot of the yellow roses were starting to fade to white, I decided to focus on them. When I think of roses, I tend to favor yellow roses,

though it’s impossible to ignore a striking yellow and red combination.

Of course roses aren’t the only flowers to be seen at the Point Defiance Garden. Two brilliant red Poppies

waved above the yellow and orange Marigolds that lined the outside edge of the Rose Garden.