I’ve Fallen Behind and Can’t Seem to Catch Up

One of the best things I’ve taken up lately is hiking/walking with Paul and Leslie once a week. This time of year flowering is definitely better than birding, and, since Paul hadn’t been to Bloedel for years, we convinced him to join us on our walk.

This time of year, the hydrangea take center stage.

If you look closely, you’ll find some unique varieties.

Not sure what these flowers are, but they beautifully complement the hydrangea.

Of course, a visit to Bloedel wouldn’t be complete without finding a rare plant we’ve never seen before and don’t have a clue what it might be.

Pt Defiance Rose and Dahlia Gardens

Debbie and Jeff’s recent visit to Tacoma finally managed to get me out of the garage where I’ve been frantically working on bathroom cabinets for the last month. Since Debbie is a Master Gardener, we took her to see the Point Defiance Rose Garden

where roses and, my favorites, dahlias, were in full bloom. I really do prefer Dahlias to roses, so it’s not surprising that my favorite shots were of dahlias like this beauty.

Although the beauty of these flowers probably are enough, I couldn’t resist shooting some from a different viewpoint, as in this shot

It’s easy to see how I got inspired to try drawing mandalas recently.