When Birding is Slow

These are definitely the summer doldrums as far as local birding goes, but curiosity and habit bring me back to Theler Wetlands weekly unless we are out-of-town. With fewer birds to be seen my attention often turns to flowers like these delicate purple flowers that flourish in the shade

or this Columbine that seems to prefer direct sunshine.

Occasionally I’m lucky enough to get a shot of the juveniles that are keeping their parents busy gathering food.

It’s even rarer to see a curious fawn.

No matter what we see, though, it’s a great way to get some exercise.

Spring Gold

The sun has disappeared here in the Pacific Northwest so we bask, instead, on its reflection.

There’s an unusual proliferation of Skunk Cabbage at Theler this year,

joined recently by Oregon Grape

and golden Daffodils.

The All-too-common American Robin

Is the American Robin the most common bird in America? It is certainly so common that most people don’t even notice it or even the calls it makes. Looking back at photos over the years, I’d have to admit that I’m probably guilty of that, even though I remember loving Robins as a kid.

Now the only time I really notice them is when there are large flocks migrating, as they are now at Theler.

How do we get ourselves to re-see them? Here’s my attempt, pairing an Emily Dickinson poem with a recent photo.

Who’s Zooming Who?

The most interesting part of our last trip to Theler was nearly impossible to present as photographs. It required video but I hate hand-held video and I'm not about to carry a tripod with me on my walks.

So, I started looking for alternatives, beginning with slide shows. After several days of searching I found numerous ways to embed slide shows in my blog, but most of them demanded more effort and time than I have at the moment (not to mention they required coding skills I probably lack.)

I settled on Metaslider which can be used as a WordPress plugin and it's fairly straightforward. I have no idea how Facebook will mangle the results, but I thought I would give it a try.

So, here is a series of shots I took of Buffleheads engaging in mating rituals (I'm pretty sure), though it often appears to be pure chaos at times.