Common Terns

You can tell I’m desperately avoiding writing about several books I’ve read lately when I have to resort to posts like these shots of the Common Terns I saw at Tokeland.

About the best thing I can say about these shots is that the Terns were caught in flight and are sharper than most of the previous shots I’ve taken. Unfortunately, none of the terns would coöperate and dive near where I was taking pictures.

Brown Pelicans at Tokeland

As it turned out, going to Tokeland instead of going straight home was the best decision of the day. It didn’t take long to see why I hadn’t seen the Brown Pelicans I had expected to see in Westport. They were on the small offshore island where I’ve always seen the Godwits in the past.

All I had to do to get some great pelican shots was wait for them to fly out from the island when they were hungry

or fly back to the safety of the flock

when they had finished fishing.

As it turned out, it got me much closer to the Brown Pelicans than I would normally get at Westport. The highlight of the day.