Yet Another Magical Place

The Merced National Wildlife Refuge is one of those magical places I will return to whenever I can. Sand Hill Cranes may be its major draw, but it’s the diversity that will bring me back. I love places that are alive, no matter what particular birds I might, or might not, find there at a particular time.

While trying to capture shots of the Cattle Egrets I’d never seen before, I saw this Wilson’s Snipe


and urged Leslie to try to get a shot of it.

She did better than that; she got this wide-angle shot


which captured not one, but three, snipes, and her even wider-angle shot captured this shot of the three snipes and a Killdeer.


Though we didn’t see a single Avocet, we saw lots of Black-necked Stilts


and even more Dowitchers,


not to mention, hundreds of ducks and geese.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Magical Place

  1. It’s been a while since I stopped by, been distracted by life lately. So, it is quite a breathtaking pleasure to see what you have been photographing. All quite beautiful, Loren. Thank you!

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