A Quick Stop at Malheur (I hate autoCorrect)

Leslie wanted to avoid the long drive straight to Bear River in Utah, so I decided I would take a last chance to visit Malheur before the Fall migration. As it turned out, we got there rather late at night and left rather early in the morning. We still managed to get a few nice shots, like this one of a Pronghorn Antelope MalheurAntlop and this one of swans and two cygnet. 16Swans On our way out in early morning we saw a lot of deer, but this was my favorite shot. MrnngBuck We also spotted favorites like this Night Heron MlhrNitHrn and this male Ruddy Duck. 16Rddy We saw more Eastern Kingbirds EstrnKnmgbrd than I’ve ever seen outside of California. It seemed like an auspicious start for a week-long birding trip.