Things Are Looking Up

As usual, after recent trips to Theler Wetlands, I walked the Port Orchard marina in search of birds. One day the sun actually broke through the morning fog. Throughout most of November, all I saw were gulls and Pelagic Cormorants,


both year-round residents.

On my last trip, though, I finally caught sight of small flocks of Baird’s Goldeneye,


a female Red-Breasted Merganser.


a pair of Hooded Mergansers,


and a pair of Horned Grebes in winter plumage.


I was delighted. Now, I can look forward to birding in two places in a single morning and, more importantly, I can justify heading over to Port Orchard for my chile relleno.

2 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

    • Thanks, robin. There’s nothing quite like birding on a sunny day after weeks of clouds and fog. I’m sure that’s the reason Washingtonians are such sun worshipers.

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