Yellow-Headed Blackbirds Everywhere


Although a single Yellow-Headed Blackbird was reported recently on a local birding site, we seldom see them here in the Puget Sound area so I’m generally pleased to get a picture of one, particularly the brightly-colored male. Still, I was surprised by how many I saw everywhere I went last week, everywhere; their brash songs


filling the air, making it impossible to miss them,


all of them.

Most of this singing seemed intent on attracting a mate,


like this charming female Yellow-Headed Blackbird, harder to spot because of her more subdued colors and because her usual “song” seems to be just a harsh clicking.

Judging from this guy’s expression,


though, some of those songs were probably territorial claims, not romantic love songs. At least I hope this wasn’t this guy’s idea of the best way to attract a mate.

One thought on “Yellow-Headed Blackbirds Everywhere

  1. Wow! Now I want to see one of these yellow-headed beauties. I’m going to have to take a look at their range and see how far out of my general range they are. Wonderful photos.

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