The Power of Sunshine

The Dark Side lost its hold on me when we woke up Thursday to sunshine and 50 degree temperatures. Leslie took a day off from work, and we headed out to Port Townsend and Fort Flagler. After a delightful breakfast and a tour of Port Townsend’s art galleries, we drove to Fort Flagler to see one of my favorite ducks, the Harlequin, thinking I might get some great shots with full sunshine. Unfortunately, all the Harlequins I saw were a long ways offshore,


and not even my 560mm lens could capture a really good shot.

In fact, the only closeup I got at Flagler was of this White-Crowned Sparrow.


On the way home, though, I managed to get a very nice shot of this Male and Female Northern Pintail,


looking much dapper in full sunshine than they do when I see them in the morning fog at Theler Wetlands.

My favorite shot of the day, though, was this shot of a coyote that Leslie sighted as we drove past the wetlands.


For a moment, he seemed as interested in us as we were in him, stopping to look at us when I stepped out of the car to get a photo. I would have made the long drive just for this shot.