No, I Haven’t Given Up Birding

I’ve been fixated on literature lately, but I was still shocked when I realized that I hadn’t downloaded a single picture that I took in November, even though I’ve managed to get out birding several times between rainstorms. No matter what gets presented here, if it’s sunny I’m outside birding most of the day, not slumped over a book or staring at a computer screen. Sunshine is too valuable in the Pacific Northwest to waste.

That said, I’ll have to admit that birding hasn’t been particularly spectacular in November. Some of the overwintering birds haven’t returned yet and summer residents seem to have disappeared.

Still, I enjoy the challenge of getting shots of the many small birds that winter here. I’ve managed to get several shots of Ruby Crowned Kinglets, despite their tendency to hide in the thickets.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

I was also pleased with this shot of an orange-colored male House Finch,

orange colored male House Finch

a color I’ve never seen before.

I also like this shot of an Black-Capped Chickadee,

Black-Capped Chickadee

one of the few small birds, along with the song sparrow and Towhee, that seems more than willing to pose for a shot.