Indian Summer

After driving Leslie to the airport Wednesday I couldn’t resist driving a little further and eating lunch/dinner at Spuds in West Seattle, and, since there was no reason to rush home to an empty house, I spent the rest of the afternoon driving along the beach and walking through Lincoln Park reliving my childhood.

It was an unusually warm, sunny day for this time of year; even though, I was surprised to see boarders floating out on the Sound in shorts and a tee-shirt.


As I drove up to Lincoln Park, I was greeted by a planter of beautiful flowers reflecting the brilliant sunshine, loudly proclaiming summer’s beauty.

red flower

I was amazed at the number of people taking advantage of the sunshine on a Wednesday afternoon. The crowds seemed to proclaim Summer, but a fly by of four female Harlequin ducks, winter visitors, suggested otherwise,

female Harlequin ducks

as did the bright leaves starting to Fall.

fall leaves

4 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Glad to see Spuds come across on your post. One of my early memories of Alki was Spuds. Any season is Spuds season. kjm

    • Lots of people seem to go there because of early (old) memories of eating there.

      That plus it has the best tasting fish found anywhere around.

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