Great Egret

I’m in the middle of Rollo May’s My Quest for Beauty and more interested in reading than commenting at the moment. Normally I would have been out taking pictures Monday or today, but with a steady rain falling the last three days and rain and snow forecast for the rest of the week, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get a chance to get out and take pictures at least until Sunday.

So, I’m forced to fall back onto these not-so-Great Egret pictures I took last Wednesday. This was actually the closest I’ve gotten to a Great Egret in quite awhile, so I naturally snapped away again and again. Though none of the shots are as good as some shots I’ve gotten in the past in California, I’d never pass up a chance to get a shot of one, whether it’s stalking it dinner,

Great Egret

gulping it’s dinner,

Great Egret with Fish

or just flying off to a nearby snack bar.

Great Egret

It’s whiteness makes it a startling beautiful, but it also makes it difficult to get a really good shot without perfect lighting. More often than not the whole bird turns completely white unless you adjust the colors, which, as a result, makes it appear dingier than it actually is.

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