If you’ve visited my site regularly over the last few years — and have very good memory — you might remember seeing these piers in previous shots from Ft. Flagler, usually with a cormorant perched on top of them, though this is the first time I can remember ever seeing two on top of them.

I generally don’t repeat shots, but I particularly liked the symmetry of this shot.

Pelagic Cormorants

It’s even rarer to repeat a similar shot in the same entry (except for yesterday, of course) but as I was trying to get the perfect angle on this shot, a Belted Kingfisher flew by and, apparently, tried to drive these intruders off her perch:

Pelagic Cormorants Attacked by Belted Kingfisher

She was obviously much faster then either of the cormorants, but apparently they were convinced that possession is nine-tenths of ownership, and they weren’t about to move, and, really, the kingfisher had no hope of driving them off if they didn’t want to move. They were still there a half hour later when I drove off to another area.

4 thoughts on “Cormorants

  1. Incredible! How do you do it?
    That kingfisher looks like he’s impersonating a hummingbird. The word’s gotten around about you among the birds. They see you with your camera and it’s time to strike poses.

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