Swainson Hawks

Logan and I got up early Wednesday to explore a new area, an area I’d gone to once two years ago. Unfortunately, birding wasn’t nearly as good this time as it was then, either because it was a different time of day or different time of year.

We saw more mammals than birds, but the only one I managed to get a picture of was this bunny rabbit:

young rabbit

The day would have been pretty much of a bust if we hadn’t spotted these Swainson Hawks at the very end:

pair of Swainson Hawks

But the fact that this one stuck around to tell me that I was far too close definitely made the day.

Swainson Hawk

3 thoughts on “Swainson Hawks

  1. Those two hawks on posts Loren – what a perfect picture. We are inundated with rabbits here on the farm – but they are pretty aren’t they? My dog would dearly love to catch one but is always too late.

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