Horned Grebe

One of the best parts of birding is that you’re constantly learning, particularly when you know as little about birds as I did when I started out a few years ago. Five years ago I’d never heard of a “grebe,” much less a Horned Grebe. I’ve been observing them for a couple years now, though, and I knew that they looked different in breeding colors, but last Thursday those changes were indelibly etched on my brain at Port Orchard.

Here’s a Horned Grebe that’s just starting to change into breeding colors,

Horned Grebe in non-breeding colors

another just starting to change colors,

Horned Grebe Starting to Change into Breeding Colors

one that’s nearly completely changed,

Horned Grebe almost in Breeding Colors

and one in full-breeding colors.

Horned Grebe in Full Breeding Colors

It’s hard to believe that they’re the same bird.

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