Catch-Up Day

After missing last Friday’s sunshine because of the flu, I wasn’t about to miss this Friday’s sunshine. After walking Skye in the morning, I headed out for a day of sunbathing at Nisqually.

The first thing I saw on the trail was this Great Blue Heron, the same one that seemed to be haunting the trail when I was here on Monday last week. I obviously couldn’t just ignore him. After all, I figure if I take enough pictures of him this close up I’m bound to get it right eventually. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one in quite this good of light before:

Great Blue Heron

As it turned out, there may have been more photographers than birds on the trail. I really didn’t see anything unusual at all until the end of the hike when a number of visitors were looking at this Great Horned Owl, sunning himself:

Great Horned Owl

The day ended with some of the best shots I’ve ever managed of these Ringed-Neck ducks, who, for a change, seemed more concerned with the squabbling geese than with all the tourists with cameras:

pair of Ring-Necked Ducks

2 thoughts on “Catch-Up Day

  1. so great to see the great horned owls continue to show just enough to keep us aware they rule the delta’s nights. kjm

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