First Hummingbird Picture of the Year

I had to deliver some photos I’d taken Saturday for the Tacoma Audubon society to their office, so when we got a short break in the clouds I grabbed my camera and headed out, thinking that I might as well try to get some pictures while I was on the grounds.

There really weren’t too many birds there, at least not ones I could find, but I did see my first hummingbird of the season. This little guy landed on a branch right in front of me and proceeded to talk to me while I took ten or fifteen shots.


On the way home, I also stopped at Titlow and was greeted by some recent acquaintances. It’s hard to believe that I’ve never managed to get a picture of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler before, because they seem to be everywhere I go this year. I even managed to discover a “song” that seems to attract them:

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Luckily I haven’t figured out what they actually think of my singing ability yet.

Unfortunately, I managed to miss the best picture of the day. While taking pictures of Buflleheads, I heard a tremendous splash in the small lake behind me and turned around just quickly enough to get a picture of this Osprey flying off with his catch:

Osprey with Fish

7 thoughts on “First Hummingbird Picture of the Year

  1. What a coincidence – just posted about ospreys myself. Unfortunately haven’t yet got a camera with the know-how to capture decent pix of birds unless they’re perching a few inches away. My camera is really only a glorified point-and-shoot – though a good one of its type (Canon Ixus). The great thing about it however is that it’s microscopically small and very light – which is great for hiking! Then again, it’s very easy to lose.

  2. When I stepped out on my porch this morning before dawn, a hummingbird flew near my camera. Your photos lift my spirits, especially that talking hummingbird today. Thanks so much, loren.

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