Golden Compass Movie

Tired of sorting and rating photos on my new computer and unwilling to walk in the cold rain, I went to the movies with Leslie today. We had a hard time deciding between Sweeney Todd and The Golden Compass, but finally settled on The Golden Compass, largely because of an interview we heard with the author on the Charlie Rose show this week.

I ended up liking it even more than I originally thought I would, though I’m not sure that my perception wasn’t colored by the Rose interview. However, I’ve always been fond of coming-of-age stories, not to mention myths and legends. There’s something particularly fascinating in that moment when children lose their innocence and have to confront reality.

It certainly doesn’t hurt when the special effects, i.e. graphics, are excellent. And I suppose the director can be forgiven if a battle scene seems to go on much too long if the graphics are good enough.

The concept of having a daemon was intriguing enough that I even went to the movie’s website to explore the concept, and, while I was there, decided to see what my daemon would be. I was a little surprised at the answer: